The psychopathologist is a mysterious and extremely strange world, and despite the explanations reached by the science, he is still surrounded by many exclamation marks, here we will present together the top 10 strange psychological syndromes that you may know for the first


    Certainly, you watched the movie Alice in Wonderland in your childhood, and lived that superstitious world that Alice lived, this syndrome is very similar to what you saw in the movie, asymmetry in sizes, exaggerated smallness of creatures, and incredibly large other!
    A nervous condition that results from a disorder or an imbalance in the part responsible for visual perception in the brain, this disorder causes a visual impairment in the patient, even if his vision is completely sound, the matter has nothing to do with the extent of the validity of his vision, is a neurological condition in which the patient sees Things are not normal, and this syndrome often comes in the form of a symptom of migraines.

    2 - Paris Syndrome

    Not only is Jerusalem going crazy, its city of light also does the same, but only with the Japanese! Yes, this syndrome is related to the Japanese only, as some of them suffer from psychological trauma when visiting Paris, and the reason for this strange situation is the mythical image that inhabits the Japanese minds about Paris, which gradually fades when they visit them, and they find that the reality is much lower than their expectations, which causes them Disappointment and shock, it is worth noting that between 12 to 24 Japanese suffer from this syndrome every year when visiting Paris

    3- Stendal syndrome

    Sometimes when we want to describe something very beautiful, we say that it is from the severity of its beauty that we have almost lost consciousness, but this situation has become possible and can actually happen, it is Standal syndrome, a disorder that appears in the form of acceleration in the heartbeat, confusion, dizziness and fainting, and that is when the affected person has any aesthetic scene Like high-end art, for example, he gets dizzy or literally loses consciousness because he loves him!

    4- imposter syndrome

    This syndrome is closely related to the lack of self-confidence and the absence of self-esteem, as the sufferer believes that he does not deserve the success he achieved, because this success he reached is merely a coincidence or a stroke of luck, and his effort is not related to that, but he also believes that he defrauded others and deceived them to reach What he reached, this is called the impostor syndrome.

    Certainly this feeling results from a loss of self-confidence, in addition to the large number of others, and one of the main reasons for this case is the tendency of those with it to set high standards in work that may be difficult to achieve.

    5- Lima syndrome

    Lima syndrome is the opposite of Stockholm syndrome, it is the perpetrator who shows sympathy for the kidnapper this time, pity him and mercy him to the point of up to his release!

    This is exactly what happened in 1996 in the famous Lima incident, where a number of guests were invited to a party at the Japanese embassy in Lima, and a few hours later they were released in sympathy with them!

    6 - Capgrass syndrome

    This syndrome was named after the French physician, Joseph Cabgrass, the first person to diagnose this condition, and the patient fancies that a person close to him has been replaced by another person, meaning that another person has worn it, and he spoke as a result of the severity of the affliction attached to the person who showed a change in his behavior, and the victim remains convinced Himself that the change that affected this relative and made him more severe is caused by his replacement with a fraudulent person who has features similar to his features.

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