Psychology, which is known as academic science with a wide scope, specializes in understanding the behavioral, rational and intellectual aspects based on the study of a set of cognitive and non-cognitive phenomena, and psychologists focus on categorizing and understanding their cognitive sciences on understanding the properties of the human brain, which are studied and deepened through An advanced team of scientists and researchers in the field of neuroscience, and socially classifies psychology as a sociology that contributes to the process of individual and group understanding and development through a number of general scientific principles, and to conduct some scientific research on different cases of society , Educational Psychology is one of the forms of psychology, containing a number of characteristics and details of which refers to the objectives of educational psychology.

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    Psychology is full of secrets and mysterious information, which is in-depth, an effective way to understand the people around you, and to understand yourself before everything else too, so we clarify some quick points from psychology, which would make things easier for you a lot

    66 days
    People need at least 66 days to form a new habit. So if you persist in doing something that you do not like a few days, or a few weeks ago, know that you still have a chance to get rid of it easily.

    Close the eyes
    Studies have shown that closing the eyes really helps in remembering information, where in those moments you refrain from seeing anything in front of you, that could confuse your thoughts.

    Feelings and intestine
    There is a real connection between the brain and the intestine, which explains why intestinal functions are always affected, in case of exposure to some stressful feelings, on top of which are stress and anxiety.

    Write your dreams
    It has already been proven that writing your dreams and aspirations on a white paper helps very well in terms of formulating those dreams and turning them into reality in the shortest time possible.

    sense of smell
    Of all the senses, the sense of smell is closely related to memory, which explains why some remember ancient situations when they just inhale a smell that belongs to that situation.

    mind reading
    Knowing what people around you are thinking is a strong indication of your high level of intelligence, compared to others.
    A person has 3 personalities, one somewhat artificial trying to show it to others, and the other is a real one that appears to the public in all cases, and the third is just a fictitious figure believed by mistake to appear to everyone around him.

    The calm
    Speaking during an intense discussion, with some calmness and a low voice, will facilitate your ability to control the dialogue with certainty effectively.

    Being able to speak more than one language will delay your onset of Alzheimer's signs.
    The best way to study
    The most efficient way to remember information is to have a 10-minute break, after every 40 minutes of studying.

    There are 5 nightmares that are the most prevalent among all people, and they are: falling from above, chasing someone, being besieged, being late for an important date, and the death of a person close to the family

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