Learn 9 Bill Gates' prophecies fulfilled after 20 years

 Learn 9 Bill Gates' prophecies fulfilled after 20 years
    Learn 9 Bill Gates' prophecies fulfilled after 20 years

    In 1999 Bill Gates published a book called "Business @ the Speed ​​of Thought", in which he published predictions that had already been fulfilled in recent years.The book contained 15 predictions, which were fulfilled over some 20 years. Here are some of them:

    1- Price comparison sites:

    Gates' expectations, according to the book, indicated that the electronic price comparison services will witness "an development that allows people to monitor prices through several websites, which helps them choose the cheapest products in all industries."

    What we see now is that anyone can search for the product on several sites such as "Google" or "Amazon" and learn about the different prices for the same product, and there are sites that are specifically designed for the purpose of comparing prices only, such as "NextTag" and "PriceGrabber".

    2- Mobile devices:

    The expectation said that “people will carry small devices that roam everywhere, and they will have opportunities to communicate or do some business via the Internet all the time, and they will be able to follow the news, get to know their flight times, get information about the financial markets, and do many other things through this Devices ”.

    What we are seeing now is that this expectation has been achieved through phones and smart watches that do all of the above.

    3- Instant payment, online financing, and improving health care through the World Wide Web:

    Gates mentioned in his book that "people will be able to pay their bills, track their financial balances and communicate with their doctors online."
    The first half of the forecast was achieved by creating sites such as "PayPal" and "Venmo", and the technology may not have contributed to improving health services with sufficient strength, but it produced medical sites to facilitate finding different medical specialties and even book appointments with the required doctor, such as "ZocDoc".

    4- Personal Assistants and the Internet of Things:

    It came in the prediction that a "personal companion" that will link all your devices, whether at home or office, will be developed in an intelligent manner, and the devices will exchange information between them, and the device will review your email and provide the information you need 

    When you go to the store, you only need to tell the device about the recipe that you want to prepare in order to prepare a list of the components that you need to purchase, and it will inform the other devices that you use about the type of your purchases and the dates of your return until you are automatically prepared to accomplish what you want.

    Google Now has already started this type of smart assistance through its applications on mobile devices, and there are devices that already collect data for the person's daily schedule and then automatically adjust the home temperature accordingly.

    There are also voice services such as “Amazon’s Echo” and “Google Home” that you can ask them to read your email or give you a recipe while cooking food, for example.

    5- Home monitoring online:

    The expectation is that "home monitoring via video clips sent from webcams will become commonplace, and you will know if someone comes to visit you while you are not at home."

    Some companies now sell home cameras that easily monitor what's happening at home, including Google, which bought "Dropcam", the maker of home security cameras, in 2014 for $ 555 million.

    6- Social media:

    Gates said that "special websites to communicate with your family and friends will spread, allowing you to chat and plan events."

    Indeed, this was achieved through social networking sites such as "Facebook", "Instagram", "WhatsApp" and "Snapchat".

    7- Online promotional offers:

    Expectations indicated that "there will be software that knows when to book your flight and then offers you suggestions for activities that you can do at the destination of travel, and provides information on discounts, best offers and prices that can be obtained at that destination." 

    Currently, some travel websites, such as "Expedia" and "Kayak", are presenting offers that support the data related to previous purchases. Also, "Google" and "Facebook" ads inform the person about the marketing offers available on his site, as well as the "Airbnb" website that allows people Staying in houses instead of hotels, offering special trips enables tourists to live just like the locals.

    8- Sports discussion sites:

    "When you see a sports competition on TV, there will be a service that allows you to discuss its developments on the air and vote for the winner you expect," Gates said in his forecast.

    And now there are a lot of sites that allow this through social networking sites, most notably "Twitter", and comments can be left in real time on sports sites such as "ESPN".

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