Jacques Lacan .. The Keys to Psychoanalysis

Jacques Lacan .. The Keys to Psychoanalysis

    Jacques Lacan .. The Keys to Psychoanalysis

    Interview by French author and journalist Madeleine Chabsal with famous French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, and published in The Express on May 31, 1957:

    Everyone knows who Freud is. His teachings and methods influenced all human knowledge in one form or another. We can no longer after him talk about a person or about himself as was done before, but his work opened up prospects for research, towards other areas of discovery. This is our topic, as we paid a close visit to the work of Dr. Jacques Lacan, the founder of the French Association for Psychoanalysis, in partnership with Dr. Daniel Lagague, Professor Juliette Favis Potoney and Dr. Françoise Doulto ...
    Madeleine - By mentioning a psychoanalyst, a very frightening person is mentioned. You have the feeling that he is able to lead you according to his will .. and that he knows more about you than you know about yourself, knows about the motives behind your behavior.

    Lacan - You are exaggerating. Moreover, do you think this effect is only for a psychoanalyst? An economist, for many, is a more mysterious person than a psychoanalyst. For our time, this is the frightening character par excellence. With regard to psychology, during its arrangement as a hierarchical science, everyone believed that he was able to patience the Jordan Valley in his own way. Now, with psychoanalysis, we feel a sense of losing this distinction. The psychoanalyst is able to shed light on the hidden things inside you, to show you more clearly. You are under the eyes of a competent eye, without knowing in advance what can be shown.
    Madeleine - There is a kind of intimidation, a feeling like you are being forcefully removed from yourself.

    Lacan - Psychoanalysis, in the human system, used all the subversive and scandalous tools that he could use, as in the cosmic system, when the Copernican deviation of the world: where the earth, the place of human stability, is no longer the center of the world! Likewise, psychoanalysis declares that you (the human being) are not the master of yourself, as there is in you another subject, which is what constitutes sovereignty (the center): it is the unconscious.
    The news was surprising as many did not accept it, and with this irrational claim I wanted to put confusion on Freud! Where the opposite is true: Not only did Freud wanted to rationalize what has been so resisting rationalization yet, but he also included an awareness awareness like this,

    Meaning the rationalization of the subject and his approach as a guiding science, within the subjectivity of not knowing the subject - where the subject remained classically within the field of irrationality, or what can be defined as the field of desire.
    That is, unless he is forgiven, we can also add that he presented the idea of ​​sexual impulses that seize the subject without warning and outside the limits of understanding, and since sexuality becomes a place of speech, the neurosis becomes a disease that addresses (possesses language), here is something strange, so that Practices prefer talking about something else.

    A psychoanalyst should not be regarded as a "life engineer", as he is not a physicist, who explains from the establishment of cause-and-effect relationships: his knowledge is a reading, a reading of meaning.
    Without a doubt because of this, and since we do not know what is going on behind the doors of his clinic, that sense that drives us to see him as a magician, or even somewhat greater than others, is clear.

    Madeleine - And who will reveal these strange secrets, following the effect ..

    Lacan - First, we must determine which system these secrets belong to. It does not belong, of course, to the system of nature whose secrets are revealed through physical and biological sciences. The psychoanalyst, when it sheds light on sexual data, it does not do so out of grasping reality or through biological experience.

    Madeleine - But Freud had discovered, as with the way to create a new continent, a new field of psychology, what he called "unconscious" or something else? Freud is here Christophe Columbus!

    Lacan - Knowing that there is a large aspect of psychological function that is not yet in the grasp of consciousness, this is not what Freud waited for! If you likened it, Freud would be like Champollion (the French scientist disintegrated hieroglyphs)! The Freudian experience is not up to the level of an instinctive system or vital forces. It is only revealed where it is practiced, if possible, by a second force.
    Its instinctive influences are not its primary powers what Freud deals with. What is analyzed in advance is what has been disclosed through the subject's unique history. If the subject is able to identify.

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