How To Use Social Media To Maximize Your Fundraiser | Fundraising Tips

How To Use Social Media To Maximize Your Fundraiser | Fundraising Tips
    how you doing? Today we're discussing How To Maximize Your Fundraising Efforts with Social Media...Yea. Any fundraiser needs a lot of promotion with social media, in fact we found that the partners who have had the most success with brand awareness are those who are actively engaged on social media and utilizing it to engage with their supporters and raise awareness about what's going on.

     You have to be on social media every day even if you don't have a fundraiser you're currently promoting. 

    If your followers and others see that you're on social media regularly you exponentially increase your chances of meaningful engagement and that's important. It's true. Tip 1 BE YOURSELF the Internet is not kind to fakes and people in social media don't care about slick video productions if you're not being yourself. 

    Fans want to be engaged and entertained with individuals and organizations who are authentic. Just be real..for real. Tip 2 DEVELOP YOUR SOCIAL LISTENING SKILLS that means researching and monitoring relevant conversations that your followers and supporters are having online. There are always conversations taking place, you can find them for example by using things like hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to see what's trending. Tip 3 ASK QUESTIONS people love to be asked their opinion. 

    Polls and surveys are an excellent way to get people involved and engaged with you on social media. Tip 4 Social media at its core is about collaboration, it's about SHARING THE LOVE, it's about social networking. One of the best strategies you can use is to share the posts and content of organizations that share your social mission. In time you'll have them reciprocating and your network will actually grow.

     Tip 5 UTILIZE FACEBOOK Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with 2.2 billion monthly active users, so use it to your advantage. We've had so many partners who exclusively use Facebook to market their fundraiser. Yeah remember Facebook can be used for more than just posts and pictures, you can use a lot of videos. We can attest to the fact that we use videos and it's helped us grow our followers and raise brand awareness about our shoe drive fundraising company. 

    Also remember the 2.2 billion people that use Facebook 1.74 billion of them are always live or on mobile. 

    So something like livestream is really really helpful way to engage them and get them actually watching your brand and raising awareness about your group. We actually have a partner that every time she gets bags of shoes, she livestreams it to her Facebook.

     The more you use video the higher engagement you'll develop yep. We hope you found those five tips useful for maximizing your fundraising efforts with social media. Make sure to like us on Facebook and subscribe to this channel. Also make sure you reach out to your fundraising coach to get any tips and follow our weekly blog for some fundraising ideas.

    we'll see you guys next time! bye! New York our-hour-our that's one no your followers /e flash flash drive yes drivers of what? You said taking place twice.YES.