How To Grow A YouTube Channel ( 3 Easy Hacks )

How To Grow A YouTube Channel ( 3 Easy Hacks )
    I'm gonna tell you three small tweaks that are gonna help you grow your YouTube channel faster. And we're startin' right now. What is goin' on? My name is Nick.

    If this is your first time here and you wanna learn how to grow your channel, make videos and all types of other YouTube related stuff . So what actually works on YouTube versus what people think works on YouTube can sometimes be a little bit different.

     So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to explain to you a couple of things that can really help make a big difference on what happens to your channel or how YouTube is treating your YouTube channel.

     The very first thing is a lot of people think of making videos as just making videos, but in reality what you're going is you're actually putting content together for an entire channel. And the reason this is important is because if you are making content as a one video at a time type of content, you're selling yourself short because what you're going is you're not making it easy for people to bend to watch your content, however if you can think of your content in blocks, then it's a completely different situation because you're creating content for the purpose of people watching more than one video at a time, which YouTube loves. Which in turn makes the win for you pretty big.

     Now before you go onto the next one I wanna show you something. I'm actually recording this today in Armenia. Check out the scenery here, this is incredible. Pretty cool, right. 

     so what you wanna think about is you wanna think about the first couple of hours or at least the first hour that you upload your videos, you wanna reply as much as possible, and the reason this is important is because in addition to being active in your own community which obviously is a cool thing to do, you're also encouraging people to come into your video as fast as possible and because of that, it actually helps the view velocity on your video because the people know, hey, if I come in and I comment right when this thing's published, then I might get a response back or I might get some interaction or questions answered or something like that. Then what you're going is you're actually creating that interest or the urgency for people to actually come into your video quicker, which helps your view velocity which in turn can help push your video farther on YouTube. And it's also gonna help your engagement overall because people are gonna know, hey, if I come into this video shortly after the creator's published, then I'm going to get an interaction of some kind which is gonna help you build your community engagement as a whole. And from there of course, you wanna make sure that you keep responding because people are comin' into your comments if you want to build an active community around what it is that you're going, it's important that you keep responding so that people know, hey if I leave the comment on this channel this person's gonna give me some type of feedback and that's an important thing.

    Another thing that can make a really big difference is making thumbnails that people respond to. Now I know that this one sounds kind of brainless it's kind of like well of course, but there's actually things that you can use that can help you know if you are making thumbnails that people respond to, because I know a lot of us will put out content or thumbnails and we'll think, well, I think this is amazing, I spent a lot of time on this, sure people are gonna love this thumbnail, sure people are gonna click on it, but in reality, the people just don't respond to that particular thumbnail the way that we had hoped that they would. To remedy this one you can simply test your thumbnails so that you can know for a fact that you are making thumbnails that are affective.

    So in order to this there's a tool called TubeBuddy that actually will let you compare thumbnails between each other. Now it's part of their Legend Package but it's worth it because then you can learn what your audience, the audience that YouTube is showing your content to, how they respond to your thumbnails which can help you get more clicks, can help you get more views, which will ultimately bring you all the other stuff you were wantin' to hear on YouTube. And of course I've got a link to them down in the description below. Now to learn even more about how to grow your YouTube channel make sure that you watch this playlist right here because every video in there is gonna help give you information that's gonna help you grow your YouTube channel, so click on that right now. And to learn more about growing your channel, making videos, and all types of other YouTube related stuff, start now by subscribing and clicking the bell so you don't miss anything. Thank you so much for watching. I'll see you next time.