Earn $6 or More Per Photo Download Make Money Online

Earn $6 or More Per Photo Download Make Money Online
    I'm going to show you how to make money from selling photos.

     You have a smartphone, and then you can earn extra few dollars for taking beautiful photos. you are a photographer or you have a professional camera, it's a great chance to make more money from your pictures. Before we jump into that This is the first time you are here, this channel all about how to make money online using different methods, so If you want more video just like this, I invite you to go down and subscribe to this channel. 

    Ok, If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, they're a great way for you to start earning some extra income. Alright, so there's gonna be a website called snap wire The website address is snapwi.re ok you can do a Google search for it, and you'll see it. This is a photo website, and anyone is able to sell photos online. Creators from all over the world are taking pictures and upload them to the snap wire website. 

    when somebody downloads and buys the photos you're going to get paid for this. There are many creators earn money through selling photos from this site. It is one of the best marketplaces for creators to make money by taking pictures on mobile phones. Here you can see that lots of creators earn points through their successes on Snapwire. 

    They are uploading different categories of photos, so this platform works well on various niche photographs. There is a section that featured recently sold pictures. So you can get some overall ideas on what type of photos are something of sale mostly. The photo app is available for both Android and iOS devices you can download for free.

     Take a look at payout page. Snapwire creator will earn income each time one of their approved shots is downloaded. This platform has monthly and yearly membership plans. When members download one of your photos, you will earn money based on their subscription types and levels. If someone buys your photography on the marketplace, you will earn money based on image size so you can make from $2 to $250 for the photo. If you want to earn more, you need to upload more photos on the platform.

     If you are a professional photographer, you can sell on Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and iStock. However, snapwire is a very good marketplace to sell mobile photography. Specific niche based photos are selling very well. So take a look at featured photographers shots and try something similar or go with your unique and creative idea to succeed in the photo website.

     so if you have a smartphone start taking pictures and then go to snap wire and signed up an account. You become a creator and then upload your photos. They handle everything for you. You don't have to worry about that you take the pictures to upload them to your portfolio and let them go ahead and market your portfolio and get income coming into you.

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